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Kohler® Command PRO CH270-3028

Ideal Go-Kart/Mini-Bike Engine
Standard Features Plus:
2:1 wet clutch gear box
Output Shaft - 22mm Diameter x 52.5mm Length

Standard Features:

-Warranty: 3 year Commercial
-Overhead Valve Design
-Electronic Ignition
-Quad-Clean™ 4-Stage All-Season Heavy Duty Cyclonic Air Cleaner
-Dual Oil Fill Locations and Oil Drains
-Cast Iron Cylinder Liner
-4.1 L Metal Tank w/Strainer
-Fuel Shut-off Valve
-Stellite Exhaust Valve
-Engine Mounted Throttle and Choke Controls, Remote Throttle Ready
-Oil Sentry™ Switch Installed (No Light)
-Dual Ball Bearings, PTO and Flywheel
-Metal Blower Housing
-Indexable Recoil Starter
-Large Capacity Muffler w/Heat Shield and Spark Arrestor
-Multi-language Owner's Manual
-Color - Black with Cast Aluminum

The 2:1 gearbox is separate from the engine crankcase and has its own dipstick and oil level. Use 20W-40 or 20W-50 oil. The engagement and disengagement speed of the clutch is 1800 +/- 200 rpm.