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ION G2 39400

ION G2 / GEN2 / 10 Inch / Electric Ice Auger | 39400

The ION G2 signifies the next generation of ION ice auger technology. Faster than the competition and 29% lighter, the ION G2 ups the ante when it comes to speed, weight, and longevity in a Lithium-ion ice auger. Powered by a 6Ah Gen 2 battery, its single cell protection ensures a long battery life, and optimal performance in the cold. The composite polymer bottom allows for the smoothest cut, in the lightest possible package, all with incredible durability. More speed, more power, more holes, and less weight.


6AH GEN 2 Battery: The powerful ION 6 amp-hour Gen 2 battery offers single cell protection that integrates the latest battery technology and maximizes it for cold-weather application. This battery offers superior longevity and the most consistent cold-weather performance available. A single charge with the 10 inch auger produces up to 1200 inches of drilling power.

Lightweight: At only 18 lbs., the ION G2 is the lightest 10 inch auger ever made. High-performance, next-gen speed and power in the lightest possible package. Effortlessly open a 10 inch hole without breaking a sweat!

Composite Bottom:The ION G2 ensures smooth and consistent cutting in all conditions and easily re-drills old holes thanks to its aggressive bottom design. A high-strength custom composite cutting head quickly cuts through the ice and provides an incredibly smooth breakthrough.

Reverse:ION features a reverse button which allows you to flush the slush back down through the hole you’ve drilled. Simply place your auger into the hole and place the blades below the ice, then press and hold the reverse button for 15-20 seconds to flush your hole clean.

40" Auger Length: The ION G2 features a full-length 40 inch hexagonal stem auger flite, perfect for drilling holes in mid-winter thickest ice conditions. For those brave enough to seek out the thickest ice conditions, a 12" hex shaft extension is also available, sold separately.

3 Year Warranty:ION® offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty covering the entire unit—including the battery!


Model Number 39400
Compatibility: GEN2
Battery: 6 Amp Hour
Range: Up to 1200" Per Charge
Cutting Diameter: 10"
Weight: 18 lbs.
Auger Length: 40"
Auger Style: Nylon/Polymer Flite
Auger Bottom: Composite Bottom
Extension: Sold Separately
Transmission: Planetary Gear
Reverse Mode: Yes
Product Warranty: 3-Year Limited
battery Warranty: 3-Year Limited